• June 20, 2023

The three main barriers to organisational change (and how to overcome them)

The three main barriers to organisational change (and how to overcome them)

The three main barriers to organisational change (and how to overcome them) 1024 536 Avocado55

Making significant operational and structural changes to an organisation is rarely easy or straightforward. However, it’s sometimes essential for business success and growth and can be truly transformational, in more ways than one. 

With significant experience in helping organisations across all major sectors to plan and implement change, the team at Avocado55 have identified three of the most common barriers we come across and give our take on how to overcome them. 

1. The up-front costs associated with organisational change

It’s commonly thought that organisational change is always a costly endeavour, which can be a major barrier for businesses considering this route. While organisations understand that managing change properly is an investment in their future and should bring a significant return over time, it can still feel like a major risk to some.

At Avocado55, we approach each organisational change project individually, ensuring that we incorporate a robust cost-benefit analysis for the organisational changes we recommend, along with providing a cost-effective service to help manage it. 

2. The potential operational disruption of organisational change

If change in an organisation isn’t managed well, it can be hugely disruptive on many levels. Not only can it potentially have an impact on the organisation’s ability to deliver to the expected standards and quality during the transition, it can also have a significant negative effect on employee morale.

With a well-planned transition that takes into account the many different elements of the changes needed, many of the potentially disruptive elements can be mitigated. This might mean that changes take a phased approach, to minimise any disruption across the board. 

3. Concerns whether the changes will have the desired results

No one has a crystal ball, but the fear that making the planned organisational changes won’t actually achieve the objectives can be paralysing to some businesses. However, standing still is not always an option and delaying this kind of transformation can be damaging in some circumstances.

At Avocado55, we have the benefit of decades of combined experience in assisting organisations across many sectors and sizes with managing change effectively. We understand the pros and cons of different kinds of approaches and have evaluated learnings from multiple previous projects. 

Whilst organisational change isn’t always a direct and easy path, it can bring many important and far-reaching benefits when managed well. If you’d like to find out more about how we work and what we can bring to your transformation, get in touch

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