Gerhard Landy 1024 1024 Avocado55

Gerhard Landy

Expertise Transition, Project and Change Management Industries Construction, Real Estate, Finance, BPO, IT Fun Fact…

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Xavier Orr 750 752 Avocado55

Xavier Orr

Expertise Implementation of transformation programmes across many industries / organisations. Industries Retail, Telecommunications, Aviation, Travel,…

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James MacRae 768 1024 Avocado55

James MacRae

Expertise Project and Change Management, Process Engineering, Salesforce Service, Marketing Industries FoodTech, BPO, 3rd Sector,…

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Lyndon Palfreman 406 459 Avocado55

Lyndon Palfreman

Expertise Business Architecture, Target Operating Models, Business Design, Business Analysis, Business Strategy, Programme Lead &…

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Chay Francis 250 250 Avocado55

Chay Francis

Expertise Data Analytics, specifically using Tableau, Power BI, SQL, Python and Excel/Google Sheets. Industries Hospitality…

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Max Clayton 250 250 Avocado55

Max Clayton

Expertise Data, Business Intelligence Industries Hospitality, Retail Fun Fact No front teeth until the age…

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Alec Bowman_Clarke 400 400 Avocado55

Alec Bowman_Clarke

Expertise Workforce Engagement Management Industries Contact Centres Fun Fact Lives on a remote Scottish island…

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Kieron Taylor 800 800 Avocado55

Kieron Taylor

Kieron is an experienced Senior Process and Change Specialist with a proven reputation for delivering…

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Dominic Steel 800 800 Avocado55

Dominic Steel

Dominic is recognised as one of the UK’s leading contact centre operations planners, combining a…

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Paul Lees 259 259 Avocado55

Paul Lees

Paul is one of the leading specialists in the area of Cloud-based Deployment, Application Development,…

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