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Project & Change Management
Pragmatic, efficient delivery

Projects form the vehicle of change. More and more employees are expected to work in project teams but often with limited guidance on what makes a project successful and sustainable.

Poorly managed projects can drain investment. It can impact your organisations willingness to embrace new improvements. Projects aren’t always smooth sailing but with the right tools, you can navigate any uncertainty to still achieve your goals.

What makes Avocado55 different?
  • Delivering is in our DNA – Our company success is based on consistently delivering for our clients needs. Continuing this and sharing our experience is critical to what we do.
  • Flexibility – We pick the methodology that best suits your organisation and the project in hand to ensure it will be a success.
  • Sustainable – We use our change management experience to ensure that what we do is both well received and sticks. There is no value in doing the same project twice. We can build this capability into your company.

Our approach to project and change management has been developed to work at any pace within any timeframe.

Avocado55 project approach

Whether we are leading the change or working in a more consultative capacity we bring extensive knowledge of the industry and genuine expertise to any change process. 

From providing an end-to-end Project Management Office (PMO), assisting you to maximise your existing PMO, or somewhere in between, we can provide support that will deliver change. We have also been successful in acting as independent members on project governance boards.

Avocado55 change approach

With our proven Change Management model, we have the capabilities to outsource the work to ourselves.

  • Optimal CM model – We’re pragmatic, especially when it comes to change. We take this approach and align it with Prince2.
  • Hours on request – Everybody should have access to change, we’re candid with the hours required to ensure that all projects are cost-effective.
  • Behavioural change – Changing behaviour can be demanding. We reduce the problem by clearly defining roles, setting behaviour measurements and tracking capability.

Gerhard Landy

Project and Change Management Principal

Our Expert

Gerhard is an experienced Programme Principal with extensive background in Transition and Change Management within the BPO environment. An expert at building the bridge between business ideas and deliverable plans.