• September 29, 2022

How do I make my contact centre more efficient?

How do I make my contact centre more efficient?

How do I make my contact centre more efficient? 1024 536 Avocado55

To make a partnership work in the best interest of the client it is necessary to have predefined roles. Avocado55 and VKY Automation work well together by having a good division of work and a partnership built on trust and mutual respect.


  • Reduced cost to serve
  • Increase the quality / consistency of service
  • Scalability


The Avocado55/VKY approach is:

Step 1: Understand the business needs / scoping (AV55)

  • This would include understanding the client processes
  • Where necessary clean up the processes
  • Clearly document the processes and size opportunities
  • Go through the benefits of automation with the client


Step 2: Introduce VKY / Share Scoping Document / Discuss low-level design (AV55 / VKY) 

  • Introduce VKY to the client needs
  • Review the scoping document and agree design
  • Introduce the client to VKY

Step 3: Technical Design (VKY) 

  • Host a process walkthrough workshop with client
  • Produce a draft Solution Design Document (SDD) 
  • Produce a draft Project Definition Document (PDD), including modelled ROI and proposed commercials
  • Confirm relevant RPA technology to be deployed

Step 4: Present Proposed Solution (VKY / AV55)

  • Approval of SDD, PDD and RPA technology proposed with AV55
  • Share documentation (proposal) with client for approval – suggest we condense into slidedeck and run through with them first before following up with documentation/contract

Step 5: Implementation of Automation (VKY and AV55)

  • Project team (client and AV55/VKY established)
  • Project plan approved
  • Change plan and impact to future operating model
  • VKY procure relevant RPA software for client
  • Automation built
  • Automation UAT
  • Automation moved into production

Step 6: Review results / aftercare / continuous improvement (VKY / AV55)

  • Hypercare – daily support and monitoring from VKY for c. 4-6 weeks depending on scope and scale
  • Handover to client (if agreed model)
  • Commence aftercare (if agreed model)
  • Monthly Business Reviews to validate ROI, manage client relationship and identify any other areas for further automation