The ethos (why we were founded)
Avocado55 was founded to bring expert advice and leading technology to every business no matter how big or small. Previously only those companies with the ability to pay high day rates, implementation and support fees were the only ones able to get the expert level of help they needed.

How it started
In 2019, the Founders gathered together in Glasgow to discuss how combining their expertise in the Contact Centre sphere could ensure businesses had access to high quality expert advice. The Founders were also on the hunt for a technology expert to complete the team.

One of the founders, Sean introduced Paul to Matt over a brew in a well known coffee retailer on West Nile Street. Coincidentally, Paul was also just as frustrated with how tech companies were treating their clients. After a really positive first meeting where Avocado55 started to take shape and a few more conversations, Matt was able to introduce Paul to the rest of the new Avocado55 team. The rest is history…

Very quickly the founders were able agree a set of values for the newly formed business called Avocado55 :

  • Always be 100% independent (no investors)
  • To give straight talking, pragmatic advice
  • All at Av55 to be industry experts (highly experienced and vouched for – not graduate to consultant in 2 years)
  • Flexibility in delivery – always on hand to help the customer not just deliver documentation
  • Low overhead business = realistic rates to clients

Four years on, the reasons for creating the company are still the same. Kieron and Dom still say it made sense,

“…it gave us the chance to deliver the whole solution rather than one part and in isolation. We had all worked together previously and had great trust and respect for each other and each others work and knew how much more we could do together…”

We have grown significantly in the intervening four years and our values have ensured we remain true to the original reasons why Avocado55 was founded.

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