Contact Centre

We have experienced the breadth of technology on offer for contact centres through our range of clients. Allowing us to understand the reality of their capability, areas of weakness and the success of implementations.

This experience has led us to build up network of trusted partners that we know offer the best in what they do. It means that we are always at the forefront of technological improvements as well as having a wider community of experts we can draw from for each individual business problem.

For each partner we support with brand new implementations as well as with the optimisation of use for any of their products that you have. We remain impartial in what we do in our consultative services and are always up front about the nature of each relationship we have.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Service cloud is a global cloud-based customer service application built on the Salesforce platform. Service cloud enables businesses to improve their customer service efficiency across an array of channels – by providing all the tools and solutions necessary to the support team on a single screen. 

  • Customer Insight
    • Give agents a complete, shared view of every customer and interaction.
  • Self-service portal
    • Connect customers to account information, knowledge articles and, step-by-step instructions. 
  • Choice of Channel
    • Reach your customers on the channels they’re most comfortable with: telephony, email, web chat, social media, mobile messaging, and more. 
  • Resolve on first visit
    • Give your field agents the tools and knowledge that they will need to complete cases the first time round. 

Vonage UK is a leading provider of Business Cloud Phone Systems.  As a ‘technology disruptor’, Vonage have embraced technology in order to transform how companies communicate. The formidable combination of a unified communications solution, with the agility of embedded communications API’s, enables business to collaborate more productively and engage their customers more effectively across a range of channels. 

  • 24/7 live support behind your Vonage Business Cloud phone service.
  • Keep your current phone numbers, or select new numbers.
  • Setup is simple, quick, and easy to scale as your business grows. Adding new users is quick, easy and inexpensive
  • No maintenance costs, no servers or systems hardware to become outdated and replaced
Mission Labs

Mission Labs is a technology firm whose aim is to re-think the way in which communication solutions are built, delivered and used.


CircleLoop is a next-generation business phone system, bringing your entire phone system together in one powerful desktop and mobile apps.  

  • It’s super-simple to set up
    • You download the apps, add your users and numbers and you’re ready to go. There’s no need for any technical knowledge, no lines or switches to install. 
  • Complete Flexibility
    • With powerful apps for desktop and mobile, CircleLoop brings all of your team together regardless of where they’re working. No contract ties, so you can come and go as you please. 
  • Switch your Local Area Code
    • Your customers are more likely to answer calls from a local area code. Instantly set up local phone numbers for any part of the UK, and international numbers for most of the world.
  • Guarantees cost savings
    • CircleLoop removes all the nonsense that is associated with traditional phone systems – setup fees, service plans, hardware.  

SmartAgent is our Contact Centre solution that automates common customer service queries with conversational AI and bespoke chatbots. Our Assist app provides agents with all the information they need to reduce handling times and costs. Multiple integrations provide fast answers to queries across any customer comms channel.

  • Specialists in delivering cloud contact centre solutions
    • SmartAgent are experts when it comes to migrating contact centres to the cloud, providing everything from consultation and development, right through to migration and implementation. 
  • Eliminate the barriers
    • With the use of Amazon Connect’s location-agnostic, helping to assist your customers on the communication channels and the language they’re most comfortable with. 
  • Reduce contact, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs
    • Depending on your goals, we’re experts in designing and delivering advanced technology solutions that help to automate and reduce inbound contact. Our tools maximise agent efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and reduce your costs.
  • Integrate your existing system
    • Create a single view of all customer and contact details, allowing your team to handle contact more quickly and efficiently.