• March 28, 2022

Where Are You In The Vicious WFM Life Cycle?

Where Are You In The Vicious WFM Life Cycle?

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You know how frogs start as tadpoles which grow legs & become frogs that lay frogspawn that hatch into tadpoles? And how is it the same with people?

Don’t quote me on that, I’m no biologist, but hopefully, you take my point.

Workforce Management software in contact centres is just the same.

Here’s how it goes – which step of this vicious life cycle are you on?

  1. You invest in software to help forecast, schedule, plan & manage your business.
  2. The company you buy it from or a partner works to understand what your goals are and how you will use their platform or solution.
  3. The company you buy it from or a partner deploys the platform.
  4. The company you buy it from or a partner trains you on how to use the software.
  5. In the first few months, you encounter problems that concern you so you raise tickets.
  6. The tickets aren’t closed to your satisfaction & it still doesn’t quite work how you hoped.
  7. Trained staff move onto other roles out of frustration or promotion.
  8. New staff can only be trained by your own staff because you’ve run out of support days with the manufacturer or partner.
  9. This means new users don’t know how to use the product as well as they should
  10. Which in turn leads to a fall in how accurate and effective outputs & results are.
  11. This is a vicious cycle which leads to…
  12. Declining stakeholder engagement & trust as the system appears to be failing.
  13. Planning staff move on, disillusioned by the perception caused by disintegrating service.
  14. Into this success void, a suggestion appears – maybe we should go to market and ask another supplier to see if they can do better!
  15. Surely that’s a brilliant idea that will solve all your problems?
  16. Green lit – an RFP or ROI is issued and you begin again, refreshed and full of hope for the future of your brave & brilliant new WFM solution.
  17. Skip back to step number one and see how you get on this time around!

I hope that isn’t familiar to you, but I fear it will be. The important thing is always getting it right first-time. Investing in superuser support to help you configure your system to do what you want it to, not what the manufacturer says it should and not what a tech partner thinks it should. You need a WFM system that is bespoke to your needs. It needs careful, expert & experienced oversight. You don’t know what you don’t know, so let us help. We will join your team and help you drive the very best from your investment. We’ve done this so many times, we’ve experienced every pot hole and every rock fall. We know where the gotchas are and we remember where the bodies are buried.

With us in your passenger seat, your deployment will be the success the investment requires it to be.

Ask us how we can help you today.

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