• February 10, 2023

What’s the main reason that companies fail to tackle real transformation?

What’s the main reason that companies fail to tackle real transformation?

What’s the main reason that companies fail to tackle real transformation? 1024 536 Avocado55

Why Business Transformation is Necessary for Growth and How to Overcome Fear of Change

Business transformation becomes a necessity for many organisations at some stage. Whether it’s new technology that has moved the goalposts or opened new avenues, market forces, a merger or acquisition that prompts the change or a shift that is led by growth and a need to scale turnover or profit, businesses of all kinds often reach a point where change is the only way forward. 

However, making fundamental changes to a business can be a very daunting prospect. The potential consequences of things going wrong can be significant, which means that business leaders often shy away from true transformation. 

If a company doesn’t have the necessary knowledge, capabilities and experience to identify, plan and roll out the changes needed themselves, it’s no wonder that fear of the unknown can cause paralysis when it comes to transformation. 

As a consequence of this, many businesses instead take a scaled back approach, assuming that this decreases the risk. However, for some companies in these types of situations, a diluted approach to transformation can actually cause harm and not only limit the opportunity for growth, but be to the detriment of the current shape of the business too. 

Fearing the known problems can also have a similar effect on some organisation leaders. Knowing that continuing along the same path isn’t sustainable, but being unsure what to do about it, can also be a huge barrier to overcome. 

In both of these scenarios, bringing in an experienced advice and delivery partner can be the ideal route to achieve real transformation. Getting external help not only brings in the skills and knowledge that the business needs at this stage, along with fresh and objective eyes, choosing the right partner means that they can essentially become a member of your team for the duration of the transformation project. 

Having the right specialist team on your side means that your business can realise all of the benefits of real transformation, at whatever level is required, without significant disruption to your BAU operations whilst the process is ongoing. 

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