• July 17, 2023

What you need to know about Avocado Automation

What you need to know about Avocado Automation

What you need to know about Avocado Automation 1024 536 Avocado55

We recently launched a new service that we believe can deliver incredible results and value to businesses, alongside improving the customer experience.

Many businesses see the potential benefits of automation within various processes, but have barriers that stand in the way of actually implementing this kind of change. Common barriers include:

  • Difficulties in identifying the processes to be automated
  • Complex processes are currently being used that don’t seem to lend themselves well to automation
  • Budget concerns
  • General difficulties with managing change.

This hesitance can be valid. Implementing automation in the wrong areas or the wrong ways can have a negative impact on the desired output. However, these barriers can all be overcome; this is where Avocado Automation comes in.

The Avocado Automation approach

Avocado Automation isn’t just about implementing robotic process automation (RPA), it’s about truly getting under the skin of your business to ensure that things are done in the best way possible for your specific situation to ensure you get maximum return on investment.

We achieve this by reviewing existing processes to identify opportunities for re-engineering, ensuring that everything is optimised in all aspects for your specific business requirements. We also consider the needs of your customers, before introducing the automation that takes things to the next level.

Because we work in coordination with an expert UI Path partner to develop a managed service model for your business, we’re able to incorporate a blend of specialisms within our proven approach. Not only does this reduce the initial investment required and the internal effort needed to implement the RPA, it also removes much of the risk involved. This approach helps to overcome the barriers that many businesses face when struggling with change management in this area.

The benefits of Avocado Automation

Working with Avocado Automation on business optimisation and RPA implementation delivers multiple benefits, including:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction and NPS through an improved experience being offered.
  • Reducing costs through automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Improving employee satisfaction and retention by redirecting time freed up by automation to more engaging and creative work.
  • Improving output through the increased process accuracy that an effective RPA delivers.

By working closely together with your business, Avocado Automation can deliver the best possible solution and be by your side throughout the planning and implementation process.

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