Unbabel is well established as ‘Translation as a service’. Balancing human expertise with artificial intelligence, Unbabel gives clients the ability to serve customers in any language with fast, fully integrated translations. Going global just got easier, no longer will location affect your BPO sourcing limitations, language brings down those barriers.

Contact Centre benefits
  • Serve customers in new countries at a low cost
  • Simplify the language headcount requirements
  • Maximise existing chatbot and webchat capability
Avocado implementations

Automated translation is a new but significant change in the Contact Centre industry. We have worked with many of our clients to use this capability as part of a wider change to their operating model. We have helped evaluate, business case and implement the technology across multiple channels. The speed and quality of translation has meant that we continue to roll this out to release further cost savings.



Translate customer emails with total confidence


Keep the conversation flowing with live chat translation


Translate and update your self-service content

Chatbot (early access)

Make your chatbot multilingual and deflect like never before

Global Brands using Unbabel


“Using Unbabel is much more scalable than traditional approaches such as advocates in local markets.”


James Cross, Digital and Service Senior Strategy Lead

“Unbabel has helped us increase CSAT scores by about 20% in the foreign languages we’re supporting”

John Wie, Director of Customer Experience

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