• July 21, 2022

Time for Your Checkup

Time for Your Checkup

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Knowledge erosion is a common problem in WFM deployments. The client deploys the software to huge initial success in the opening 6 months. Year 2 is steady; staff are enjoying their new cutting-edge technology but by year three turnover of staff has meant that gaps are appearing in expertise in several areas of the organisation. New staff are trained, second or even third hand by previous staff members, with each move leading to greater dilution of software user skills. Staff become frustrated with the technology and faith in the product begins to deteriorate. This leads to inaccurate system use and lack of engagement.

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have avoided too much knowledge erosion so far but prevention is the best cure and it’s useful to keep on top of and up to speed with the current thinking and trends in the industry. To get an objective eye on your daily processes and any new problems you’re facing with someone outside the team who is familiar with exactly the types of challenges you’re experiencing. Our expertise can help you tighten up your operation and make improvements that help you get the best return on your WFM investment. 

This is what our healthcheck is all about!

Healthcheck Aims

– Take the temperature of the current system, review planning practice and process and propose solutions.

– Implement simple changes and highlight areas of the operation where further improvements could be made.

– Create a space for Q&As, supplementary training for system users as and where required and address any skills gaps or issues.

– Capture, document and report opportunities for improvement.

What’s Included  

Training to a variety of levels, tailored to the specific requirements of your staff.

Long term forecasting, strategic FTE planning.

Medium to short term forecasting, otherwise known as tactical forecasting, best practice planning and schedule optimisation.

Long term forecasting, otherwise known as strategic forecasting by Verint, including how to look years ahead and roll that work into your tactical process.

Schedule analysis and calibration, forecasting service level predictions with existing performance, gaining trust in the system and pinpointing further efficiencies.

Blended approaches to forecasting, including modern multi-media and omnichannel strategies including how and when to use them and where they can be most effective.

Real-time intra-day schedule adjustment optimisation, from small to large changes aimed at accelerating performance and achievement.

Staff management and adherence best practice process based upon your specific operational requirements. We can help configure and understand adherence.

Overtime planning in reference to current budget and operational restrictions.

The Verint Workforce Engagement Management system comprises a great deal of different parts, services, connections, pieces of software, upgrades, old unsupported versions, etc. 

Understanding how it all fits together can be challenging, especially as it changes with every release / patch / hotfix / rollup how could anyone keep up?

Well, Avocado Optimize can. We carefully maintain an updated library of material and knowledge, relevant to the latest versions of Verint and updated every time a new release or functionality hits the platform. Our formal partnership with Verint enables us to get early access via their partner portal, where we gain everything needed to provide our customers with a high touch level of support and understanding. 

What’s more, not only are we able to support all areas of the latest version of Verint products, we maintain our library archive of past versions. If you have an install of Verint from any time in the last 10 years, there’s a high chance we still have the material, knowledge and skillset to support you in getting the best out of it.

Results, Outcomes & Conclusions

Improved and increased user skill and system confidence among staff.

A greater understanding of your operational requirements and how WFM software / Verint can be specifically tailored to better meet your process.

A detailed report of gains made and further opportunities and next steps for improvement.

Increased trust in WFM / Verint operatives from key stakeholders – once senior leaders see more accurate, more reliable results, they will come to trust the team, which will in turn lead to the team delivering better results because they will feel more empowered and confident in their jobs.

Better agent attrition, improved net promoter scores, more efficiency from an expensive asset, lower shrinkage, more accurate forecasts, and schedules that better match requirements to results.

Transformation into a high performing, award winning planning team, which is a valuable thing.

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