• January 13, 2023

Three signs your contact centre needs organisational redesign in 2023

Three signs your contact centre needs organisational redesign in 2023

Three signs your contact centre needs organisational redesign in 2023 1024 536 Avocado55

3 tangible signs your contact centre needs an organisational redesign in 2023

There can be many different driving factors behind the decision to take a look at organisational redesign and see if a refresh is needed for a contact centre. Change can be difficult, especially at scale, but can have a huge impact on long-term business success, talent development and retention and efficiency, if done well. We look at three tangible signs that a contact centre might need a refresh of their organisational design in 2023.

If you’re now using (or plan to use) chatbots in your contact centre

AI and its many applications in contact centres has really expanded in recent times, with traditional voice and other digital methods of communication still very much needed, but often taking more of a support role and dealing with the more complex exchanges.

Adopting this technology or scaling up your use in 2023 will mean changes to your operational model are needed to help with a smoother transition, whilst also ensuring your human staff have all of the support needed to adapt their roles and processes as required too.

With an effective organisational refresh, processes can become much more efficient, whilst achieving improved results and a better return. Without auditing and evaluating your strategies, the opportunities for improvement can be missed and result in issues down the line if you fail to spot things that will cause problems when you try to scale up.

If external factors have changed the way you operate

Undoubtedly, the biggest and most sudden external factor that affected virtually all businesses in some ways was the Covid-19 pandemic. A major instant change to working from home became the norm for many contact centre staff. While the lockdowns and workplace restrictions may have passed, the world of work has changed, and many contact centres are offering hybrid working on an ongoing basis. This alone can have a major impact on operations and require some elements of redesign so that the business can still operate efficiently this way in the long-term.

Other external factors that could mean organisational change is needed include mergers or acquisitions, preparing the business for sale, reacting to new technologies or market opportunities or to address changes in product or service demand.

If internal business needs are changing

There are lots of reasons why internal business needs must sometimes drive organisational change. It could be to improve cash flow or profitability, to increase efficiency, improve working practices, or to facilitate growth and the introduction of new functions or departments to the business.

Any or all of these scenarios can mean that the current organisational design simply doesn’t work or have the flexibility needed to change in the right ways to support what’s needed for the future.

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