44% of your Contact Centre Tech investment down the pan

From our independent research and assessment of Customer Management, Analytics and WFM tools over the last 4 years we were surprised to discover that only 56% of the current capability of the tools, that could be utilised within the business, were being utilised!

To be clear: This is not when the wrong or over specified tech is purchased but when the correct tool is not used to the max.

Root cause:
● Lack of awareness of owner to the capabilities of the tool
● Owner / lead didn’t choose the tool resulting in – “It’s not what I would have chosen”
● Lack of success management by the vendor or software partner
● Older version installed – resulting in lack of credibility
● Releases outpacing the time invested to understand the release content, so the gap
between tool capability and user / owner understanding grows larger month by month

● Unachieved return on investment
● Reduced efficiency
● Reduced insight on customer activity
● Reduced customer experience

Replacing your technology is not always the right way forward, making the most and utilising all of the current technology.

Avocado55 has a proven approach to assess your requirements and to maximise your investment in your technology.

We are 100% independent and accredited CRM Specialists.

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