• December 5, 2023

The questions you should ask yourself before buying new contact centre technology

The questions you should ask yourself before buying new contact centre technology

The questions you should ask yourself before buying new contact centre technology 1024 536 Avocado55

Preparation is key when it comes to identifying and scoping out new contact centre tech to take your operations and results to the next level, but careful evaluation of various solutions is only part of the story. 

If you don’t have the right foundations in place within your organisation before you buy, the likelihood is that you’ll never be able to fully utilise and get the most from any new technology. This puts a ceiling on your return on investment and how effective the rollout will be operationally. 

To help you better prepare for the introduction of a new tech solution for your contact centre, we’ve outlined the main questions you need to have answers for before you should even consider committing to the purchase.

What internal governance do we need to make a success of the new tech?

Having the right internal governance in place before you purchase new tech is paramount in order to get the best possible results and return from it. It boils down to how the business side is connected to the solution you’re bringing in. You’ll need to look at areas such as:

Who will be the product owner within the business? 

Do they have the support needed to decide on the solution and see it through into the future? And what will happen should they leave the business or move on to other responsibilities? Product drift can be a huge issue if the person who brought new technology into the business moves on, leaving no individual or team taking ownership to drive things forward.

How will roll-out be managed internally? 

This relates to the initial implementation, any scaling up that takes place later and potential future needs, such as organising the training of new starters.

What partner or supplier assistance will be needed, both pre-deployment and on an ongoing basis? 

There’s no point making a decision on a new tech solution, but then finding that your chosen supplier can’t provide the level of support needed to utilise it fully for your requirements. Making sure that your support needs are outlined from the start will mean that you are better prepared to ensure any option you look at will meet them. 

Some of the support you’re looking for could include:

  • Assistance with configuring the solution to your organisation’s specific needs
  • Initial and ongoing training requirements
  • Regular check-ups to utilise the supplier’s expertise to ensure the solution is being fully utilised.

What internal setup is needed to futureproof the tech investment?

Alongside the internal governance issues, you’ll also need to have the structure in place to manage the evolving solution that you’re buying into. 

Contact centre technology of the past would have had ongoing updates and versions during the lifetime of the agreement, often accompanied by great fanfare from the supplier about shiny new features and capabilities. 

Things have changed. These days, product updates tend to happen overnight (literally, in most cases) in the cloud, all included in the ongoing annual/monthly subscription cost, so ensuring that new features are fully understood and properly utilised needs to be someone’s responsibility within your organisation.

How will we track and measure the success of the integration? 

It’s common for contact centres to bring in the new technology, get it rolled out and then attention moves somewhere else quickly. However, the most effective implementations are those where performance is tracked, measured and reported on, ensuring that the most is being made of the solution on every front. 

To understand what success looks like in your specific context, it’s essential to:

  • Define the KPIs that will quantify how the new technology is performing
  • Benchmark performance pre-rollout of the new solution
  • Report regularly on these KPIs and metrics so any roadblocks or issues are discovered early
  • Take any assistance available from your supplier’s success management team to help maximise performance.

How Avocado55 can help when you’re considering buying new contact centre technology

Looking for new contact centre tech can be a daunting prospect. It’s no small investment, both in time and financials, and right or wrong decisions can have a big impact on the wider business. A way to mitigate these concerns and benefit from the experience of specialists is to partner with Avocado55 when first considering this step.

We can help with every stage of the process, including:

  • Preparing for the new technology, by reviewing and even re-engineering your existing processes.
  • Defining objectives and success architecture 
  • Helping to identify the best-fit technology based on our extensive experience and knowledge of your business needs. 

If you’ve already taken that step and rolled out new technology, but are now feeling that you’ve plateaued with it, or are not seeing the results you hoped for, we can also assist. We can help identify how to better utilise the tool you’ve already committed to. 

Avocado55 can help ensure your organisation gets maximum benefit and ROI from your contact centre technology – both now and into the future. 

Get in touch with us to find out more. 

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