• March 15, 2023

The keys to truly effective operating model reorganisation

The keys to truly effective operating model reorganisation

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Why a thorough operating model reorganisation is crucial for business success: insights from Avocado55’s specialists

A business operating model is essentially a blueprint to deliver both the company strategy and also how it delivers what’s required to its customers, fulfilling business objectives. A business that finds itself coming up against problems with growth or scaling of operations, issues with delivering on promises or other fundamental blockages to success will often assume that its operating model is to blame for the things that aren’t working as they should.

While this is sometimes the case, jumping to an operating model reorganisation as soon as possible isn’t necessarily always the right move, especially when looking at the medium to the long-term success of the business. Making the wrong moves here can potentially cause more pain further down the line and might not deliver the results your business needs. The consequences of getting it wrong can be significant, so it’s not something that should be taken lightly or a process that should be rushed. Getting the right support at the right time can be pivotal to the success of your changes.

It takes in-depth analysis, insight and expertise to conduct a thorough operating model review to make sure that the redesign will achieve its objectives. As specialists in this area, Avocado55 have helped numerous businesses to successfully redesign their operating model and manage the transformation process. We provide whatever level of support is needed, for however long it is needed, to ensure that the process is effectively planned, implemented and is working as intended. This removes a significant amount of resource, time, stress and trepidation from the shoulders of the business, freeing them up to focus on what they do best while trusting the experts with a proven track record. 

We look at the keys to success when reorganising your operating model.

1. Understand whether your operating model actually needs a full transformation.

If things aren’t working currently, it’s essential to dig into what is wrong and where processes are falling down before you make any drastic changes to your operating model. This is where a fresh set of eyes can make a huge difference to the process by giving an expert objective opinion on what the current issues are and how they can best be resolved. That’s something we specialise in at Avocado55.

It might be the case that you can continue with your current operating model primarily after some important tweaks are made as a result of expert analysis, which can not only save money and jobs in many cases, it also causes minimal operational disruption when compared to the impact of wholesale changes.

2. Keep the core business goals front and centre.

It’s common for businesses looking at operating model reorganisation to spend the majority of their time looking at the details of how things should work, which can become a problem if the core purpose of changing the model is lost in the process. Usually, this boils down to the customer experience being better, so it’s important to bear this core objective in mind at every stage of the reorganisation to ensure everything is pulling in the right direction.

When Avocado55  are supporting a business with operational model redesign, we ensure that the company’s objectives are always at the centre of any changes made, setting the model to be designed for success.

Avocado55 brings the keys to unlock a successful operating model redesign.

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