Dominic Steel

Dominic is recognised as one of the UK’s leading contact centre operations planners, combining a wealth of practical experience with a commercial approach to sourcing and the benefits/risks of planning and performance within complex operations.

He has built and led shared service teams in major UK FTSE 100 businesses covering the: Energy, Food Delivery, Travel, Mobile and Entertainment sectors. His extensive knowledge in the BPO industry: planning, contracting, operating and transforming multi-site, multi-geography, omni-channel estates has seen him deliver at the core of many significant outsourcing activites, both client and supplier side. Dominic has also delivered significant change programs including: outsourcing and supplier migration, estate transformation at scale, system upgrades and implementation.

He describes himself as “a nosey analyst with an engineers approach to making the machine work better” – which is exposed in his numbers/data based approach to tackling and solving most contact centre problems.

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