• June 15, 2023

Salesforce Summer ’23 release period comes to a close – it’s now time to reflect.

Salesforce Summer ’23 release period comes to a close – it’s now time to reflect.

Salesforce Summer ’23 release period comes to a close – it’s now time to reflect. 1024 576 Avocado55

Salesforce Summer ’23 release period comes to a close – it’s now time to reflect.

Have you asked the following of your team? 

  • Business Stakeholders: “Are you fully aware of the changes and impact being made to the system? Are there any points that could be further explained?”
  • Implementation Team: “Have you successfully adopted all the functionality that will be beneficial to the business? Would you have benefited from support during this time?” 
  • CS Team: “How have you found using Salesforce since the updates? Do you feel comfortable working with the new system?”

Without the correct support, Salesforce tri annual releases can be a difficult time in trying to ascertain what will bring the most value to your business.

From previous releases, here are some of the issues raised during the transition period were and how AV55 was able to support: 

    • No visibility of what is changing
      • Issue: Wasn’t aware of what new functions were becoming available / would mean for my business / in practice
      • Solution
        • Review the release notes with the business in mind and highlight specific functions that would be beneficial to the business. 
        • Impact analysis and recommendations of implementing changes (less fte, more efficient, etc) 
    • No adoption
      • Issue: New functionality hasn’t been adopted by the team
      • Solution:
        • Create/enhance the training material to help the end user understand the reason for the changing and the benefits (user-centric approach to developing training material) 
        • Remove old functionality that should no longer be in use
        • Review existing business processes to understand if they’re affected by the change
  • Stakeholder Buy-in
      • Issue: Unable to receive sign off due to limited justification of problem/solution. 
  • Solution: Support in the development of the benefit analysis that is understandable across all levels of the business in order to achieve sign off 
    • System Downtime – 
      • Issue: New updates caused downtime of systems and subsequently longer load times for users
      • Solution:
        •  Review hardware specifications to ensure that no issues arise further down the line
        • Full testing of any implementation before go live
  • Data Loss / Corruption 
  • Issue: Loss of data upon system changes
    • Solution
      • Data health checks are complete before any changes are made to production. 

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