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Process Re-engineering
Optimising existing processes

Efficiency unlocks more in your operation and allow your organisation to focus on what matters the most. 

Poor process drives unnecessary cost, time and creates negative customer satisfaction. It can be difficult to continuously improve with the pressure of delivering the operation and the legacy of the past. With the right approach you can make significant changes and build capability in your teams to allow it to continue. Recent engagements identified a typical savings of 15-45%. 

Our approach to process engineering is built upon a blend of knowledge, experience and constructively challenging stakeholders way of thinking. 

What makes Avocado55 different?
  • Simplified approach to Lean Six Sigma – Allows us to quickly identify problematic areas, to concurrently design & implement both tactical and strategic change that meets our clients needs of today and beyond
  • Stakeholder focused – Working with the right experts across the business is key. Both in the creation of any changes as well as ensuring that the improvement is sustainable.
  • Agile approach – Complex problems are best solved in smaller changes. Trials and pilots provide you measurable benefits that can be scaled and bit upon. It builds a mindset of constant improvements.
Avocado55 implementation approach

We have improved the most complex and broken processes across a range of clients. The framework we use allows us to bring together the right people together, empower them to make change for the better and overcome the past. Using an agile mindset that delivers quick wins and focuses on what is important. 

The Avocado55 team have experience of both leading this change for their clients as well as delivering training to internal teams to build future capability.


Kieron Taylor

Process Engineering and Disruption Principal

Our Expert

Kieron is an experienced Process and Change Specialist with a proven reputation for delivering sustainable solutions within the Aviation, Insurance, Retail Sectors and Financial Services.

Using an adaptable & agile approach to deliver change in a fast-paced environment with a passion for detail, Kieron balances the needs of the operations and of the business with strategic thinking, resulting in the ideal solution for the business in both the short and long term.

To find out more about Kieron, visit here.

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