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We know that automation can unlock huge value for our clients, and it is a capability that is increasingly being adopted across the industry. Simply put, implementing the appropriate automation reduces the cost of low value activity and allows contact centre agents to focus on the tasks that deliver the best value/experience for their customers.

All too often we see organisations invest heavily in automation and then underutilise the tool they have purchased. Benefit cases are not met, operations retain legacy tasks and further investment becomes difficult as there is a perception of diminishing returns. However, it does have to be this way and when used with the correct process engineering can revolutionise your business.

What makes Avocado55 different?
  • Impartial advice on the most appropriate tools for your organisation – We spend significant time researching the different tools available and see their real-life use across our client base. This means we are uniquely positioned to know what will work best for you. No sales pitch just solutions. Whether it be the more traditional Back End Automation (Business Process Management), standalone Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or RPA acting as an or assisting agents.
  • Evaluation of current capability – We have the experience to understand what performance levels you should expect for each of your use cases. The many implementations we have done means that we know what can go wrong and the approach organisations have followed to unlock the most value. Optimising existing capability can be a cost-effective approach to unlocking the benefits you know can be achieved.
  • Connect operational strategy to technology architecture – We always have the future in mind and ensure each step-in automation builds towards your strategy. Advising on the best approach to achieve your ambitions based on your own pace and investment. Implemented in a way that complements your wider business and act as an enabler to your next generation contact centre.  
Avocado55 implementation approach

We have a proven approach to correctly define the opportunity scope; pre-automation process improvement opportunities; selecting the appropriate automation; building the business case; and building and delivering the implementation plan.

Each step can be either lead by the Avocado55 team or done in collaboration with your own technology teams. We are flexible in our approach and have successfully delivered solutions using both methods.

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Paul Lees

CTO, Technology Principal

Our Expert

Paul is one of the leading specialists in the area of Cloud-based Deployment, Application Development, Cybersecurity and Identity & Access Management. He has used his wider technology experience to gain a deep understanding of Contact Centre Software as a Service (CCSaaS) – which brings clarity to a overly complex world. Paul’s strength is to use contact centre technology and automation tools where they will drive most impact always retaining the pragmatic approach Avocado55 are renowned for.

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