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Operating Model Design

Design and Delivery

All too often, Target Operating Models (we prefer to just call them Operating Models) are typically developed in one of two ways:

  • At such a High-Level that they become wall art, rather than something deliverable or,
  • So overly-detailed that they are just not usable.

Given our experience of implementing multiple Operating Models, we have developed our proprietary model, OM8x3. This proven design ensures that the Operating Model is practical, deliverable and can be in business as usual as a consistent point of reference.

What makes Avocado55 different?

Our OM8x3 approach allows us to collaboratively design the operation model that best suits your organisation. It will create a blueprint for your future growth and a tool to help simplify strategic decisions. 

We will help you through each stage of the process:

    • Defined strategy – Clear plan to navigate the future changes in the industry, maximising technology and strengthening core capabilities.
    • EDICTS– Develop the core principles that match your values and will form the basis of how you will implement your strategy.
    • Principles – Create the structure for how you want each of the key 8 areas of your operations to function.
    • Models – Focusing on a range of visual models that brings a common understanding across your teams and helps show the direction of travel for the months ahead.
    • Detailed building blocks – The bottom up approach that brings order and clarity to your new operating model. Everything from role descriptions to new business processes.
Avocado55 implementation approach

We strive to help you create a singular vision of how an organisation operates, bringing your ambitions and our experience together. With the clarity of your new vision we can then help you focus on the areas which will deliver the most value. Adapting to the rate of change you need, the resource you have available and the financial benefits you want to deliver. Our client experience ranges from an impartial review of the current strategy to a complete transformation programme.

Matt Baron

CEO, Strategy and Sourcing Principal

Our Expert

Acknowledged as one of the leading transformation advisers in the UK, Matt is a proven industry leader, operations and transformation director with extensive knowledge of the customer contact industry focussing on deliverable pragmatic solutions.

To find out more about Matt, visit here.

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