Modern Slavery

At Avocado55 we prize our ethical approach and are committed to complying with all laws and regulations applicable to our business, including taking steps to ensure that there is no human trafficking or slavery in our supply chain or within any part of our business.

We believe the nature of what we do at Avocado55 means that the risk of human trafficking and slavery occurring in our business or in our supply chains is low. However, our continuing commitment to combatting human trafficking and slavery is reflected in our policies and operating procedures which require all Avocado55 people to act ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships.

About our organisation

Avocado55 is a transformation and technology consultancy who also provides managed service solutions; we are headquartered in Dornie, Scotland.

Our approach to advising and supporting our clients brings together industry expertise in transformation, technology, sourcing, contracting, commercial management, process re-engineering, planning and workforce management and the capabilities of our partners to deliver leading edge solutions with genuine expertise and market insight.

Our core value

We believe in a future service delivery model that combines the use of technology to support the human workforce. We are aware of our social responsibility when advising businesses and advise on the best outcome for the organisation.

As a company every individual shares the same core value: “To act with integrity and passion in all we do”

Our core value commits every director and employee to environmental stewardship, safe work environments, and socially responsible behaviour in our workplaces and our communities, as well as in the services we provide to our clients.

Our code of conduct and our corporate social responsibility policy are based on this core value and drive the way we behave and govern our conduct towards our employees, partners, suppliers and our environmental, economic and social responsibilities.

Employment practices

Avocado55 believes respect for the dignity, rights and ambitions of all people is a cornerstone of business. We treat all our people with dignity and respect and provide a productive working environment free from discrimination, victimisation, coercive pressure, bullying and harassment, and we treat all employees equitably, regardless of local economic conditions, traditions and cultures.

We are committed to recruiting from a diverse talent pool and we invest care, time and effort to attract and hire our people and support them in reaching their maximum potential.

Supplier selection

Avocado55 supports sustainable procurement methods, whether prescribed by legislation or through our own policies. As well as the traditional procurement benchmarking criteria of price and quality, we support the ‘triple bottom line’ ideology and considers social, environmental and economic factors in the procurement decision-making process.

We choose suppliers on the basis of fair and transparent principles and we expect all our suppliers to abide by our code of conduct while they are working with us. This policy helps ensure that the contracts that Avocado55 places with suppliers provide value for money, and that a diverse range of suppliers have fair opportunity to compete for and win new work with or through us.

Our policy is to place contracts with suppliers who adopt sustainable practices in line with appropriate international and local guidelines and standards. We assess our suppliers’ compliance with these standards via our supplier pre-qualification questionnaire which includes mandatory sections on compliance with laws and regulations, including the Modern Slavery Act.

Feedback and whistle-blowing

We encourage people across Avocado55 to take active responsibility for improving our performance, whether through enhancing working practices or drawing attention to behaviours or other issues that give them concern. To encourage feedback and suggestions, 

Our employees are able to raise concerns to any director and third parties, including clients and suppliers, can similarly provide feedback through our external website.

This statement is made by Avocado55  Limited and its brands pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and was approved by the Avocado55 Limited Board of Directors on 16 April 2020.

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