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Managed Services

We offer our clients the unique ability to assist their senior team during major change by supporting the with the day to day operational responsibilities to allow more focus on the strategic tasks.

With the day to day responsibilities aside, clients can dedicate their time to projects that will further their core objectives. This flexibility can be said for our hours too. We offer hours on request, full-time or part-time, if you’re pushing for growth or having some down-time, we work around your needs. We’re understanding of the stability of change found in business.

Services we offer:
  • Forecasting – Planning for the future
  • Real time Workforce Management – Workforce management to exceed your service levels
  • Managed Information – The reporting you need to run your business
  • Data analytics – Taking your operation to the next level with actionable insight
  • Managing Robotics – Optimising the robotic capability to may already have
Avocado55 approach

Due the nature of our company, we are able to provide these services at a lower cost to our competitors. With this affordability comes flexibility. We can be at your disposal whenever suits you best, full-time or part-time. We’re understanding of business needs and the stability of change. With this change, we take responsibility for the quality of service, which is regularly measures against performance indicators we put in place.

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