• January 19, 2023

How to get your contact centre business strategy redesign right

How to get your contact centre business strategy redesign right

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Strategy redesign or refresh: How to determine the right approach for your contact centre business

If you know that your contact centre business strategy needs to change in order to fulfil current and future business needs, finding the right way forward can be really challenging. However, a complete strategy redesign may well not be needed. In many cases, a refresh might be all that’s required, which can help make the changes much easier on all involved, but still deliver the results you’re looking for.

We look at some of the key principles to help ensure that you get the strategy design changes right.

Focus on the current and future customer journey

The ultimate aim of contact centres is to provide the best and most efficient experience for customers to achieve the desired outcome. What has worked traditionally might not still be applicable for your customer base, with evolving technology and communication options meaning that people’s preferences for interactions are changing too.

Evaluate existing technology, architecture and processes

Ensure that your contact centre technology and process solutions enable your customers to interact and communicate effectively in the ways that they need to, with the flexibility for further evolution in the future. It’s not just the customer that these systems need to work for though, it’s also the contact centre staff and your internal systems and processes.

Compare capability to your organisational goals

While incremental improvements are always helpful, the way to ensure that your strategy refresh sets you up for success in the longer term too is to make sure that the changes you’re making will enable to you reach your current operational goals, and potentially your stretch goals too. It might be a certain number of calls, a rate of chat conversations per hour, or it could be linked to resolution rates more than contact rates. Whatever your goals are, your organisational strategy needs to facilitate this, so ensuring it has capability in the right areas is key.

Getting fresh eyes on the project

While no one knows your organisation as well as you do, getting outside help can bring a valuable perspective that you would otherwise miss out on to your strategy refresh. With specialist experience in contact centre transformation, the Avocado55 team is ideally placed to help ensure your plans are on track.

We offer a free of charge 1-hour strategy review, which will result in a series of recommendations on how to best take your contact centre forward. Get in touch to find out more.

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