• July 6, 2023

Free 60 minutes that could change your entire business data strategy

Free 60 minutes that could change your entire business data strategy

Free 60 minutes that could change your entire business data strategy 1024 536 Avocado55

For many businesses, getting the most possible from their data can be truly transformative, but knowing where to start can be a challenge. Using data to drive important business decisions and solve questions or problems within your organisation can make a huge difference, but how do you even know if your data is accurate and trustworthy in the first place? Without this surety, you can’t possibly base critical decisions on what your data seems to be telling you. 

With many decades of combined experience in helping businesses across all sectors to gather, analyse and use data more effectively, the specialist team at Avocado55 is offering a FREE 60 Minute Data Health Check to help organisations start the change they want to see within the company. 

The FREE 60-minute Data Health Check will look at the quality, accuracy, completeness and reliability of your data, providing an objective view on the state of your current data and identifying areas in which there are issues or where improvements can be made. 

As with everything we do at Avocado55, your Data Health Check will be tailored to your needs and requirements, including the challenges you are currently facing, so that the findings and recommendations are truly useful and actionable in the context of your business.

The features of the Free Data Health Check include:

  • Discussing your current data strategy and what it is delivering for your business now
  • Identifying potential technology implementation or process changes that can make a positive difference to your success
  • Providing best-practice recommendations across areas such as data warehousing, tracking and reporting, governance, self-service and business intelligence
  • Delivering an actionable summary report that will include tailored recommendations to help achieve your business data objectives.

Our FREE 60 minute Data Health Check is designed to provide a firm and valuable starting point for your business to move forward from, improving your data-driven decision-making processes and helping you to resolve the data-related challenges that are currently holding you back. 

Get in touch with us today to book in your Free Data Health Check.

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