• May 10, 2022

Customer Services Director Vs. The Planning Team – round one!

Customer Services Director Vs. The Planning Team – round one!

Customer Services Director Vs. The Planning Team – round one! 1024 536 Avocado55

Are you a contact centre director who struggles to get what they need from your planning team? They seem impenetrable; an expensive resource; huddled in a corner with more monitors than everyone else. Apparently, they are irreplaceable and know things that nobody else does and the whole of customer services would crash and burn without them, but to you, they make sense 30% of the time. It feels like you are being blinded by their science and you’d do something about it but there are bigger fish to fry & so you spend your time cooking them instead and just hope that one day, you find out what they’re talking about, making yourself a note to do something about it.

Or perhaps you are a planning team struggling to connect with your contact centre director – you work hard to impress them but they seem to not get the subtleties of your work, the complex balance of science & intuition, which you find dispiriting – their eyes glaze over when you start explaining your forecast accuracy or what you need for a full shift review and they seem to spend their time dealing with day to day fire-fighting instead of addressing the big questions at hand. You know how to make a real difference but you need operational support and things aren’t terrible, but it’s frustrating that you know they could be better if only they had your back.

These are both common situations that we encounter every day. Thankfully, we are experienced at translating and mediating precisely this situation. We speak both languages fluently and resolving the common misunderstandings is a first principle to us. Unless everyone involved gets it, a WFM project will fail, so we have strategies that we employ to help customers get out of this rut – you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make if you get a simple conversation between two very different sets of people right.

Let Avocado Optimize help you understand how to frame and utilise these sometimes confusing terms to make them make sense & improve the performance of your business. Get in touch if you have any questions.


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