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BPO Partner Sourcing & Management

Developing the right relationship with a BPO can underpin your strategy. We have an unmatched reputation from both clients and BPO’s in running effective RFI/RFP sourcing processes.

We can run the whole process, guiding you with our proven methodology to achieve your goals. We’re not just there to carry out the process. Whether it be developing new strategic relationships with the best organisations in the world or enhancing existing relationships to improve the value for both parties, we know the market. 

What makes Avocado55 different?

  • Our OM8x3 – OM8x3 creates a singular vision of how an organisation operating, bringing your vision and our experience together. To find out more about the OM8x3, click here.
  • Industry/Market insight to evaluate competitiveness of current offering – With a strong use of visuals, we collect mass data from country-to-country, BPO-to-BPO, Product versus Price, and create comparisons that are easily comprehendible.

Avocado55 implementation approach

Supporting internal project teams or delivered as a lead, we build a report based on your individual business needs. We don’t just advise – we can assist with revenue generation, retention, or technology enablement.

We know the partners that will work for you, what makes us different is our ability to obtain the best outcomes from a partner and solutions aspect.

Matt Baron

CEO, Strategy and Sourcing Principal

Our Expert

Acknowledged as one of the leading transformation advisers in the UK, Matt is a proven industry leader, operations and transformation director with extensive knowledge of the customer contact industry focussing on deliverable pragmatic solutions.

To find out more about Matt, visit here.

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