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Bid Support & Solution Design

Specialist support for BPOs

When negotiating, it is important to find a balance of value between the parties involved. We’re here to ensure that you are best positioned to win the business that is right for your company. In a competitive marketplace it can be difficult to to stand out amongst a crowd, our experience in working both on the client side and with BPO’s means we focus your bid on the factors that matter and make most commercial sense.

What makes Avocado55 different?

  • Different view on bid support – As we’re used to delivering RFP’s for the client, this brings a unique angle on when we support you as a BPO in responding to bids. We design solutions that directly align with what the clients needs with what you can provide.
  • History of success – Having won many multi-million pounds bids across a range of industries, we know what it takes to win and to stand out from your competition. We can help shape bids to maximise what you have to offer while making strong commercial returns.

Avocado55 implementation approach

We begin with an initial analysis in order to narrow down what appropriate opportunities will benefit you the most. Once the scope has been defined, we can provide ongoing bid support in different ways, whether you need: help securing new contracts or developing a longer term commercial review of current commitments.

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