With an ever-changing environment, we look at how we can optimise your office space, people and technology to ensure your business runs smoothly and cost effectively.

With more than 20 years experience in Contact Centres and Shared Services Centres across insourced and outsourced industries globally,  including Fintech, Petrochemicals, Retail, Travel, Aviation, Legal, Telecoms, Logistics and Deliveries.  

Utilising our vast experience and actual understanding of the specific requirements and needs of the sector to optimise your workplace and real estate solutions. In addition to the traditional workplace solutions, services and delivery management we specialise in go live assurance and BAU steady state optimisation.

Partnering with stakeholders to enable real estate business strategies and decisions as well as business planning and delivery, whilst highlighting the positive impact on staff retention, morale, recruitment as well as business growth. Thereby, contributing to reducing costs, building future growth and increasing income and profitability of the real estate portfolio directly and indirectly on an ongoing basis.


We have a proven track record working with some of the largest corporations in the world.
  • Just Eat – UK, Ireland, Australia/New Zealand, Spain and Italy
  • Right Source and Webhelp – South Africa, India, UK, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Mexico and USA
  • Shell Global Shared and Customer Service – South Africa, India, Malaysia, UK, Poland and Philippines
  • Old Mutual – South Africa and Zimbabwe


1 | Envisioning

With an ever-changing environment, we look at how we can optimise your office space, people and technology to ensure your business runs smoothly and cost effectively.

  • Identify location and site selection options
  • Agree high level design principles and  project success measures within budget guidelines
2 | Designing

The design solution for selected site based on budget guidelines with client and expert partners.

  • Select site through agreed process and commence detailed design
  • Collaborate with client and expert partners to co-create compliant design for selected site
3 | Planning

Detailed project delivery planning with expert partners based on project quality controls, quality and success measures.

  • Integrated project plan built across all delivery work streams
  • Detailed project requirements and success measures
  • Full impact risk assessment done
4 | Delivery

Project delivery methodology based on quality, control and communication is key to the success of the project.

  • Continued checks and balance against project plan and success measures
  • Ongoing communication and management as per agreed project methodology
5 | Stabilisation

Controlled solution assurance process to ensure smooth handover.

  • Final phase of project delivery plan before handover
  • Integrated testing and checking of compliance, quality and functionality: aircon, generators, water, power, server room, etc.
6 | Steady State

Ongoing real estate BAU maintenance, assurance and optimisation.

  • Pro-active facilities management, reporting and testing
  • Audit process to ensure real estate optimisation from a planning, occupancy and cost perspective


Ongoing real estate BAU maintenance, assurance & optimisation
  • Pro-active facilities management reporting and testing.
  • Audit process to ensure real estate optimisation from a planning, occupancy and cost perspective.
Annual Real Estate Optimisation Process

Estate Audit process with annual budget cycle for  inclusion in planning. Monthly tracking with quarterly progress report and annual report.

Executive Buy-in and Approval

Agree strategies (hybrid working, etc.) opportunities targets, objectives, timing and support required with Executive Team to optimise the real estate portfolio.

Legal Partnership

Review lease agreements and service provider contracts with Legal to understand content and identify any gaps and opportunities to capitalise on.

Finance Partnership

Work with Finance to understand the total real estate budget and costs to identify focus areas and opportunities for benefit realisation.

Operations Partnership

Identify annual peaks and troughs with Ops across campaigns as well as client mix, occupancy and resilience requirements in conjunction with pipeline to plan occupancy optimisation of real estate footprint.

Sales Pipeline

Review pipeline and current client portfolio with Sales to determine existing and future occupancy requirements and timelines across the estate to identify opportunities and occupancy optimisation.

Facilities Partnership

Work with Facilities to review maintenance checklists and cycles; test cycles; service provider agreements, evaluation, selection process and requirements to identify enhancement opportunities.

Employee Partnership

Engage employees to identify improvement opportunities for staff amenities, processes, services and workspace, e.g.: canteen, food; break-out areas; ablution facilities; cleanliness;security, etc.

Real Estate Review

Review all info gathered to agree plans to optimise real estate from a strategy, cost, occupancy, growth, repurposing, continuity and satisfaction perspective and track delivery and benefit realisation as agreed.

We can help optimise your workplace by looking at the best ways to manage your workspace to meet your dynamic business requirements.

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