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Forecast & Planning Strategy
Getting the foundations right

The importance of accurately forecasting and planning the activity in your service organisation should not be underestimated. It forms the critical foundation to any organisation.

Poor forecasting can cause ongoing operational challenges as well as informing bad decisions. Often it can be extremely difficult to unpick the various assumptions that causes unnecessary complexity.

We have successfully helped lots of our clients reset their forecasting and planning approach to significant financial and operational advantage.

What makes Avocado55 different?
  • Proven tools tailored to your needs – We have robust models that form the heart of the forecasting and planning we do for our clients. We then work with you to focus on including the levers relevant to your business.
  • Strategic scenario planning – Developing the insight you need to make key strategic decisions. We can analyse a variety of different strategic options to give you the data you need to make up your mind.
  • Auditing – Completing an impartial forensic review of your forecasting and planning teams is a strong way to unlock further potential. Highlighting areas of improvement as well as building a roadmap for further growth.
Avocado55 implementation approach?

We have a methodical approach to developing any tool. A detailed design stage allows us to understand what measures makes your organisation tick. We can then work with you to either enhance what you have or to create tools on your behalf. This continues through to their implementation and evaluation of accuracy.

Auditing activity can focus on areas of concern of a client or can be a complete review of the end to end planning processes. We operate in an open and trusting manner to share our findings in a constructive manner than leads to a plan than can be embraced by all involved.

Dominic Steel

CFO, Forecasting, Planning and, Analysis Principal

Our Expert

Dominic is recognised as one of the UK’s leading contact centre operations planners, combining a wealth of practical experience with a commercial approach to sourcing and the benefits/risks of planning and performance within complex operations.

To find out more about Dominic, click here. 

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